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On the hunt for your next family vehicle? We talked to the parents at Pickles to discover what car they drive and if they love it.

Samantha, mum of one, drives a Range Rover Evoke and loves it! “It has plenty of space and is easy to get kids in and out. The boot is automatic which is great when carrying school bags or shopping”.

David, father of one, drives both a Mazda CX5 and Mazda 2. “The CX5 is great for big trips and excursions to the beach, park etc while the Mazda 2 is perfect for city driving as it’s small and easy to park”.

Ben, father of two, has a Toyota Landcruiser Prado and Toyota Hilux. Being Queensland based he and his family lead a very active lifestyle, both vehicles let him get off the beaten track or tow a boat or caravan. The Hilux comes into its own when loading the tray with bikes or things from Bunnings for around the house.

Alisha, mum of one, drives a Mitsubishi Lancer but is looking to upgrade as she needs more boot space.

Tegan, mum of two, drives a Nissan X-Trail and absolutely loves it. “The whole car is spacious and at a great height to get the kids in and out without breaking my back. The boot is spacious and has multiple storage compartments and can easily fit two prams while still having room for other items.

Sarah, mum of 2, loves her Mazda CX-7. “It has a large boot space, spacious interior for growing kids, leather seats for easy cleaning and a 4WD option for off-road adventures!”
Are you looking to upgrade your car?

29 Apr