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Whether you are a teenager who just scored their license, or an adult who is finally ready to start driving, there are many things to consider as a first time car buyer. Purchasing your first vehicle can take a lot of navigating through brands, makes, models and features. If you’re ready to buy your first car but need some guidance, here are our top 4 tips for first time drivers/buyers -


New cars tend to be expensive to insure while old cars can lack the sophisticated safety features required to keep your teenager safe in an accident.

Opting for a mid-range car gives you the best of both worlds; modern safety features, not overly expensive to insure and there are parts available should it need to be repaired.



The sticker price isn’t the only price. It can be easy to forget the secondary cost of owning a vehicle like insurance, warranty, repairs and fuel. Make sure you remember these costs when checking out the price of your preferred vehicle.

Safety features

Do some research and know what safety features are built into your car.  Modern vehicles have air bags, anti-lock brakes, hands-free control, navigation systems, electronic stability control and so on. Check ANCAP to see what the safety rating is on your car. The safer the car, the better. This is one area not to skimp out on.


First-time drivers don’t need cars that are turbo charged or V8s. Opting for cars with less power, like a four cylinder vehicle will be easier to control and curb the temptation to speed.
Provisional drivers are banned by law to drive certain types of cars so it’s worthwhile checking this out before purchasing. If you have a P1 or P2 drivers license, make sure to check out the government restrictions on high-performance vehicles before making a purchase.

29 Apr