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Marie Kondo is a household name when it comes to learning how to declutter and keep a space that brings you joy. While our homes seem to be sparklingly clean, what about our cars?  When was the last time you cleaned both the interior and exterior of your car? If you’re like us, it’s probably been a while. So, using the KonMari ™ Method, we take to our car.  

Here are our tips:

Tip 1: Get it done

Procrastination is no friend today. Allocate an hour or two and focus on getting the job done. This way you can actually see the progress you’re marking which motivates you to keep going. We suggest starting by chucking out all the rubbish.

Tip 2: Your car represents you

Cars often speak volumes about the kind of person you are so envision the lifestyle you want to lead and check your car is in line with that. For example, keeping spare gym clothes, runners and other exercise gear ensures you're set up for a run around a picturesque lake at any moment. This is also a perfect time to polish the exterior of your car. They do say presentation is everything.

Tip 3: Start sorting

Remove everything from your car and sort into piles. Those long forgotten receipts, bits of paper and coffee cups can go straight in the bin. Sort any items such as books, toys, electronics and exercise gear into piles. Now you know what you’ve got, you can make choices about what to keep.

Tip 4: Follow the right order

Discard before you organise. Do you need 3 half-flat soccer balls in your boot? Discard what you don’t need keeping in mind some items can be gifted to friends and family rather than being chucked in the bin.

Tip 5: Storage is key

Before you start putting items away, can you make them easier to find in the future? Storage boxes are Marie’s (and our) best friend. A clear one in the boot can help keep all kids’ stuff together while another one for you can keep your gear organised and so on.  And, as Marie would say, does the item spark joy? If not, why keep it?

Tip 6: Protect for the future

Don’t want to do this again in a hurry? Car seats and floor mats are never a bad idea and will not only help keep your car clean but will also help the resale value in time to come.

Even after following these tips, if your car no longer sparks joy - maybe it’s too big and you want to downsize, or maybe it’s the opposite - we can help find a car that brings you joy. 

05 Mar