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The used car market boomed during COVID-19 when Australian consumers realised the necessity of cheap, reliable transport during a global pandemic. While borders may be opening soon, the delay in production and delivery of overseas vehicles is still expected to be long and tedious. Purchasing Australian owned vehicles has become the most reliable way to get yourself on the road. Pickles homes many affordable second-hand cars that are available to bid on from the comfort of your own home.

Buying from auction is an excellent way to purchase a quality used car, however it can be daunting for first-time bidders. To help you dip a toe into the world of second hand purchasing, we’ve compiled a list of the top tips for beginners who are bidding and buying at car auctions.

Sign up

Pickles has an easy sign up process for buyers looking at upcoming auctions. Registering an account with Pickles is a painless, 5-minute process and prepares you to bid immediately when the car you want becomes available.

1. Create a Pickles account
2. Upload your contact and delivery details
3. Update your preferred payment method
4. Verify your identity and phone number
5. Download the PicklesLIVE app for live auctions

Pick an auction

Pickles hosts auctions all over Australia and if there isn’t a branch nearby, there are frequent online sales. To bid on cars at a branch near you, check out the list of closest locations in your state or territory.

You can bid using either the PicklesLIVE App or in our PicklesONLINE auctions. Either way, there is a huge variety of vehicles to choose from. Remember to keep in mind that buying out of your area means coordinating collection or having the vehicle couriered.

Write a shortlist

Cast a wide net when preparing for auction. There is plenty of information to be found online when reviewing the pros and cons of different cars. Before attending our inspection day, make sure you’ve compiled a list of the cars you’re interested in bidding on. This way you’re maximising your time by only bidding on cars you know you’ll be happy with. Keep this list with you when it comes time to bid.

If you’re interested in reading more about what car suits you and your budget, check out some of the Pickles blogs below!

Inspect and research

Once you’ve decided to buy and know which car/s you’ll be bidding on, go and inspect! The Pickles sales team are friendly and helpful in every state. Simply head to the branch near you to check out the vehicle for yourself.

If you’re bidding on a car in a different location, you may be limited to inspecting the vehicle from a screen. Pickles provide very detailed condition reports to highlight any damage we can see on a vehicle. We also report on things like tyre condition, service history and balance of registration.

To give yourself confidence before bidding, consider buying a vehicle report from your state government, but be assured that Pickles guarantee title on every vehicle sold. See links to the different government pages below:


Set a budget

Trust us, we know how easy it is to get carried away in the excitement of an auction. That said, you don’t want to walk away from a sale with a car or a price you didn’t want. Make sure to set yourself a firm but healthy budget before bidding on a vehicle. Don’t forget, the price you pay isn’t just the amount won when the auction finishes. These are some extra costs to account for in your budget:

Buyer’s Premium: The buyer’s premium is the charge auctioneers place on a product to cover the cost of asset administration fees. This cost generally ranges from $350 to $600 for general vehicles and a small percentage-based fee for prestige vehicles. This fee will be disclosed prior to auction or can be seen by clicking the ‘Fees’ link on each vehicle and should be considered in your overall budget.

Shipping: Customers can choose to pick up their vehicle in person after final payment or arrange for our national transport team to deliver the vehicle too you. Links to check the transport cost are available on each vehicle.

Repairs: If you are bidding on a used asset, it is essential to check the condition before bidding so you can factor repair costs into your overall budget. Some cars have very little spend required if any, others that might be older or higher in mileage may require some items repaired.

Finance, Trade-ins, Warranties and Accessories: Our team can help with all of these items, so if you don’t have the funds to pay for a vehicle, have a chat with our finance team. We can also price your old vehicle and offer you a trade-in price. For peace of mind, some customers purchase a warranty after they’ve bought their new car. And finally we can help by putting on roof racks, towbars, and reverse cameras.

Enjoy yourself!

Veteran bidders know the thrill that comes with winning a car for a great price at auction. If you’re ready to start bidding, register now and sign up for upcoming Pickles auctions near you!

25 May