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Pickles Novated Lease Remarketing

This exclusive novated lease remarketing service, enables drivers of Novated Lease vehicles to pre-determine a vehicle estimate and a reserve prior to Pickles paying out the residual balloon on the drivers behalf when the vehicle is received. Drivers keep driving their Novated vehicle until 2 days prior to lease end.

The vast majority of fleet managers and salary packagers in Australia have now engaged Pickles Novated Lease Remarketing to assist their Novated drivers as they approach end of lease as an alternative to the traditional trade-in or private sale process. Pickles assist thousands of Novated clients each year.

What to do from here?

  1. Complete the Pickles Novated Lease Remarketing vehicle assessment form – for a free vehicle assessment
  2. Pickles will obtain an estimate range from the closest Pickles location and call you within 48 hours to discuss your vehicle, the service, our competitive fees and estimates
  3. The Pickles Novated Lease Remarketing team are available on 1300 763 741

10 reasons why Novated Lease Remarketing is a good option

  • Pickles payout your residual balloon for you
  • Pickles have branches nationally to assist clients 
  • Reserves and estimates are jointly agreed with the driver
  • Estimates are provided ‘Sight Unseen’ for your convenience and we commit to them taking risk in every vehicle sale
  • Vehicles are sold in weekly Fleet, Government and Prestige Auctions
  • Vehicles in a roadworthy condition are offered for sale at an inflated ‘Fixed Price’ and advertised on multiple online websites
  • Over 50% of vehicles sold achieved our high estimate (Pickles reserve) with less than 6% achieving less than the low estimate. An overall average sale price of just $150 under Pickles high estimate was achieved.
  • All vehicles are sold on consignment ensuring the driver benefits from higher than expected sales prices
  • Vehicles can be sold whether at Novated lease end, owned outright or under regular finance
  • Drivers can avoid the hassle of a private sale and low dealer trade-ins

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