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Fixed Price Novated Lease Remarketing

Our Fixed Priced vehicles are set at a non-negotiable price, well below the retail levels and most vehicles can be viewed 7 days a week, indoors and in a family friendly environment.

Advantages of Novated Leasing a Pickles Fixed Price vehicle:

  • Save thousands on a low kilometre, near new vehicle
  • Save thousands on your monthly lease charge
  • Save thousands on your FBT (Fringe Benefits tax)
  • Reduce your lease end residual value by 30% or more from new car residual values (see Novated Tip below)

Information on Pickles Fixed Price vehicles:

  • Pickles do not own the vehicles, we sell on behalf of lease companies, government departments, councils, rental car companies and corporate entities
  • Most vehicles come with log books and a complete service history
  • All vehicles come with guaranteed title, balance of manufacturer warranty or dealer statutory warranty
  • All vehicle warranty’s can be extended upon request and the cost included in the lease cost
  • Pickles can provide any vehicle accessory you like - window tinting, tow bar, roof racks, GPS navigation, DVD players, mobile phone kit etc

You can start searching for a vehicle to Novated Lease now.

(Didn’t find the vehicle you were after, perhaps our Auction Vehicles will be of assistance or you might like to create a Product Alert)

Note - Pickles Auctions do not provide Novated Lease Finance, so once you locate a vehicle please see your existing lease provider for all Novated Lease quotes.

Novated Lease Tip

Why lower your Residual Value?

If a new vehicle cost $40,000, after 3 years the residual value would be $18,000. If the same vehicle purchased at fixed priced being 12 months old and with 20,000km’s for say $25,000 to $28,000, residual value would be reduced to $11,000 and $12,500. Taking the lowest residual value possible, allows a lessee to heavily increase their Novated profit potential at lease end and significantly reduce any risk associated with the final sale of a Novated lease vehicle.

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