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Sell your vehicle - Hobart


  • Proof of purchase i.e. receipt of sale. Registration papers are not proof of purchase.
  • Identify any finance monies owing.
  • All vehicles are subject to a title check. Providing title is confirmed, proceeds of sale are payable seven days from the day of sale.

Booking-in your car for auction

General Vehicle Auction

To sell your vehicle in our weekly general vehicle auction, simply deliver the vehicle to Pickles Auctions, 56 Sunderland Street, Moonah by 4.30pm Wednesday. Vehicles arriving after this time will not be accepted. All documentation must be supplied at the time of entry. Please contact our branch by phone: (03) 6108 8444 or email: [email protected] for further information.

Agency Agreement

Every vehicle presented for auction requires an agency agreement to be completed and signed by the vendor. Should you have a person/agent acting on your behalf, then a written authority must be supplied along with all title information.


Insurance is the responsibility of the vendor and remain at the risk of the vendor as to any loss or damage suffered.

Registration plates

If your vehicle has personalised number plates attached that you wish to retain, simply follow these steps:

  • Remove the plates from the vehicle and place them on "hold" at your local motor registry
  • Request that replacement plates be issued. You will be supplied with replacement plates and registration papers, including a replacement label. Please check the label to make sure it states the correct registration expiry date.
  • If the plate exchange is not completed prior to the auction, it is usually too difficult to arrange after the vehicle has been sold.
  • The responsibility for these transactions are entirely with the vendor of the vehicle, not Pickles Auctions staff.

Title (proof of purchase)

It is mandatory for you to prove you are the owner of the vehicle.

Registration papers are not sufficient and do not substitute for title information. Confirming title is checking the history of the vehicle to satisfy our requirements of representing the vehicle in an ethical manner.

If your vehicle was purchased privately, the following requirements apply:

  • A receipt with all relevant details of the purchase.
  • Name, address and telephone numbers of the seller and purchase date.
  • If the vehicle has been purchased in a damaged condition, all receipts for spare parts and repairs must be supplied. If, in our opinion, the vehicle has not been repaired in a professional manner then we will not accept the vehicle for sale.
  • If your vehicle was purchased from a motor dealer or auction house (excluding damaged vehicles) a copy of the original invoice must also be supplied.

Finance payouts

If you have current finance on your vehicle, you must complete an authority form to enable our staff to make all necessary enquiries regarding finalisation of the account. Payment will be deducted from the proceeds of sale and forwarded directly to the finance company on your behalf. Should there be a shortfall of payment you must consult with our trust account staff to arrange payment. The shortfall will be calculated on an estimate of auction value less costs and charges and is payable in cleared funds prior to the auction.

Novated lease remarketing

Do you have a Novated Lease that is about to expire? Then we have a solution for you! With our Pickles Novated Lease Remarketing solution we will:

  • Payout your residual value on the due date – even if the vehicle has not yet been sold on your behalf
  • Provide a stress-free means of selling your vehicle
  • Maximise the sale price on your vehicle and avoid low trade-in values
  • Present you with a healthy profit on the sale of your vehicle

Imported vehicles

The Roads and Traffic Authority of TAS have very stringent policies on imported vehicles. If your vehicle has a low volume compliance plate or personal import tag attached then we are advised by the RTA automotive engineers that documentation should always remain with the vehicle. Therefore, we request that you supply copies of the following documentation:

  • Import documents
  • Engineers report (detailing all modifications)
  • Import approval


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