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Don't sell your car alone – Our team of experts offer a personalised approach, to get the best deal on your car at Pickles Adelaide. You can deal with us over the phone, via email or in branch. 

If your vehicle happens to be under finance, we can even payout your finance company on your behalf before the vehicle is sold. At no time does Pickles take ownership of your vehicle as the sale is on your behalf. That means at auction your car will have a reserve price set jointly agreed by you and Pickles, so the higher the sale price we get for the vehicle, the more we return to you. ​

Get started today - To sell on consignment, please use the Vehicle Inspection Form below or alternatively you can contact Ryan Ferguson at Pickles Adelaide on 0478 880 841 to book an appointment today. ​ 

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Customer service is a core focus for us and we take all measures to ensure a smooth buying experience.
Below are just some of the reasons why Pickles is the right choice when selling your car:

50+ years' experience


No hidden fees


Personalised approach

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Enlist our team of professionals with years of collective experience at Pickles Adelaide to help you sell your car the safe and easy way. 

Simply call Ryan Ferguson at 0478 880 841 to book an appointment. 

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