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4. You must immediately notify us in writing if any person has disclosed or is suspected of disclosing or intending to disclose any confidential information to any other person.
5. The user warrants that it is responsible for the correctness of information it inputs into DIYinspect. The user acknowledges it is responsible and liable for the information it inputs into DIYinspect and no responsibility is taken by Pickles Auctions for the user's negligence in the information it inputs into DIYinspect.
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8. That any information completed by the user can be used for direct marketing and that Pickles Auctions retains this information in its database.
9. The entry by electronic means of the Username and/or other identifiable information of the user in DIYinspect shall be binding on the user. DIYinspect together with these Terms and Conditions of use of the application shall constitute the whole of the relationship between Pickles Auctions and the user.