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Tips & Tricks

Auction Tips

1. Do your Research

Log on to the Pickles website to search for an item and check the photos and condition report (if available) before attending an auction. Search for an item: Motor Vehicles, Salvage, Industrial, General Goods

2. Be Prepared

Register to attend an auction before your arrive to cut the queue, note down the lot numbers of the items and print out the auction catalogue.

3. Be Confident

Visit the branch on auction day to watch a live auction in action, familiarise yourself and understand the process before returning to bid.

4. Inspect the Item

Check the auction details for inspection days and times, inspect the item before bidding to make a confident purchase.

5. Set a Budget

Make sure you know the maximum you are prepared to spend and don’t budge. There will always be another opportunity, and remember the aim is to save as much as possible.

6. Create a Product Alert

Not completely happy with the items on offer? Create a product alert and Pickles will send you an email alert when it’s in stock. 
Product Alert: Motor VehiclesSalvage, Industrial, General Goods


Learn the Lingo

1. What is a Reserve Price?

A reserve price is the price set as the lowest acceptable by the seller for an item sold at auction.

2. What does Registration Status mean?

The registration status is the status of the vehicle’s registration at the time of inspection:

  • Plates to all: Sold as a registered vehicle.
  • Plates to dealers: Sold as an unregistered vehicle to the public, licensed dealers receive plates.
  • No Plates, No Registration: Sold Unregistered.

3. What does WOVR N/A mean?

WOVR N/A means the car can be registered without an inspection. However, depending on where the car was previously registered it may require an interstate identify inspection.


UCM Display

UCM Display

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