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EOI: Water Treatment Plant 

Under instructions from vendor

Closes: Monday, 18 October 2021 at 1:00pm. - at Onslow, WA.

Inspection: Viewing by appointment only. 

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Conditions: See below

Pickles Auctions Pty Ltd
Cnr Phoenix Road & Sudlow Road, Bibra Lake, WA 6163
Tel: 0418 131 161
Mob: 0418 131 161 
Enquiries: Stephen Amy

Buyers are invited to submit their highest and best offer to purchase, before the close date, a complete Water Treatment Plant. Plant is to be sold complete, excluding the storage tanks and land-based seawater intake pumps. Plant includes: UF Feed Pumps & Backwash Pumps Container, UF Container A, UF Container B, UF Container C, UF Chemical Dosing Container, RO Chemical Dosing Container, CIP and Calcium Hypo Container, RO A LP & HP Pump Container, RO A SWRO Container, MCC & Electrical Container, RO B LP & HP Pump Container, RO B SWRO Container, RO C LP & HP Pump Container, RO C SWRO Container, Backwash Tank, CIP Tank, Intermediate Tank, Flush Tank, Interconnecting Cable Looms, Interconnecting Pipe Spools, Concrete Beams Supporting Containers, Access Platforms, Large Panel Tanks, Feed Electro-chlorinator, Up-flow Sand Filters, Intake Screens and Pumps, Pipe Spools and Cables, 9A Containers, plus additional equipment.

For all enquiries please contact Stephen Amy on 0418 131 161 or alternatively email

Terms and Conditions:

Processing Fee
11% (inc GST) will be added to the price of the item/s sold.

Items are sold on “as is – where is” basis and must be paid for within 48 hours of invoice issued.

Terms & Conditions
Expressions Of Interest and Offers can be submitted via this EOI form with details of their offer, prior to the close date. Vendor reserves the right to accept any offer and close the sale prior to the close date. The successful applicant only will be advised.

All items must be removed within the agreed timeframe. Removal is entirely the responsibility of the buyer and at the expense of the buyer. Buyer will be responsible for demobe and transport; vendor will only be responsible for the removal of the tanks (scrap / landfill) and demobe of the seawater intake pumps. Any items not collected within this period will incur a storage fee. PPE must be worn at time of inspection and load out. All OH&S rules must be adhered to at all times.

Health and Safety
The Auctioneer and the Vendor have warned prospective Buyers, in relation to plant and equipment, that no plant or equipment offered for sale is fit for use in any workplace and it is the Buyer's or User's responsibility to ensure that the plant is brought to a safety standard necessary to comply with any Act or Regulation before use. ALL transport must be compliant and all (CoR) rules will apply.