If you've never bought from auction before, it can be confusing to know where or how to start. At Pickles, we offer thousands of goods at auction. Whether you're searching for a car, truck, caravan or bike, we have assets across a range of industries available at both auction and fixed price.

Auctions are a great place to find what you're after at a reduced price. We sell assets and equipment at wholesale price. Buy anywhere, anytime via our live, online or physical auctions.

Physical auctions are onsite events where customers can visit a location, see and hear the auctioneer and bid on an item before taking it away that day.

Live auctions are events held over the internet where customers can sign in online, watch the auction unfold, hear the auctioneer and bid via our PicklesLIVE software.

Lastly, online auctions are held online over the internet. There is no auctioneer and the auction will run for a period of several days in which time you can bid as many times as you like.

To start bidding, you will need a MyPickles account. Simply click the 'Sign Up' or 'Log In' buttons on the top right of your screen to get started. 

Our auctioneers recommend familiarising yourself with the process before you start bidding so you know what to expect. Find your local branch and visit while an auction is being conducted. You'll understand the process and pace of the auctioneer. Or, download the software for PicklesLIVE and PicklesONLINE to view the bidding interface and understand how it works.

When you win an auction, you will pay a deposit immediately which comes off your credit card if purchased through PicklesLIVE and PicklesONLINE. You will then need to contact the branch to organise payment in full and pickup.

If you purchase at a physical event, a Pickles staff member will organise the deposit. You can also pay in full on the day, and if you do, take your asset home straight away.

If you'd like to organise finance, please see a Pickles team member before the auction starts. 

26 Feb