Research what kind of car you want taking into consideration where you’ll be driving, how many passengers you will regularly have, what size car you need, petrol or diesel and engine size to name a few. To start searching online at Pickles, simple search by make and model on our homepage or hover over ‘Buy’ and click ‘Vehicles’ at the top of the drop down menu to view upcoming auctions. To view fixed price cars, hover over ‘vehicles’ then select ‘PicklesGO’.

Alternatively, contact our free concierge service who can help find the right car for you. We get cars in every week so if you can’t find your desired make and model, check back often.


All vehicles come with a condition report and series of images that show the car from every angle. We don’t perform any mechanical inspections and our condition reports are based purely on an external walk-around. We advise all buyers to visit the branch in person to physically inspect the vehicle. While you cannot drive a vehicle, we will provide you with the keys so you can start the engine, listen to it, see the dashboard for any engine lights and so on.

Organise a mechanic

If you’re not mechanically inclined, it’s a great idea to bring along your mechanic who can inspect the car for you and advise if there are any potential issues.


Once you’re happy with the vehicle, compare prices online. Now is the time to do finalise your budget and know what you’re willing to spend before attending the auction.

Organise finance and warranty

To give you peace of mind, it’s helpful to organise finance and warranty before the auction commences as once the hammer falls, the highest bidder is the winner. Our team is on hand at every auction to talk you through the process if you need it.
Ready to get started? View all upcoming car auctions here.

09 Jul