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Maximum Bid Information

Interested in learning more about Maximum Bid feature? The PicklesONLINE system allows
bidders to nominate a maximum bid amount on any item they are interested in,
which the system will bid up to on their behalf throughout the duration of the sale.
The Maximum Bid system is the easiest way to participate in an auction, and stay ahead of competitors!

Check out our Maximum Bid FAQ below for more information on how to use the system.

Pickles offers a Maximum Bid feature for PicklesONLINE auction. This system allows you to set a maximum amount on an asset, which will automatically bid up to on your behalf. This means you don’t have to keep returning to the auction to participate in the auction. The feature will attempt to win the auction for you at the lowest price possible.

If another buyer elects a maximum bid that is higher than yours, you will be outbid. If another buyer elects the same maximum bid amount as you, the customer who placed the bid first will remain the highest bidder. Your nominated amount is not revealed to any other buyers.

To ensure you do not miss out on any notifications regarding maximum bids, we advise you to check MyPickles frequently to check the status of your auctions.
Maximum Bid: An amount you can elect to nominate on the PicklesONLINE system as your maximum offer.

Current Bid: The amount at which the item will sell for if no further bidding occurs, and the vendor’s reserve price is met.

All buyers can see an item’s current bid. If there are no current bids on an item, then the minimum bid (or starting bid) is set by Pickles.
No, however another bidder may be using our Maximum Bid feature to allow the PicklesONLINE system to automatically bid up to a nominated maximum amount on their behalf.

If you’ve never utilised our Maximum Bid feature, this is how it works -

An asset you’re bidding on is priced at $100. You are eager for the asset, so you nominate your personal budget for the sale as a maximum bid amount of $500. You enter $500 in the box titled ‘Maximum Bid’ which allows the system to bid for you in $10 increments up to that figure. If someone else joins the auction and bids $200, PicklesONLINE will automatically bid $210 for you so you’re always in the lead.