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Pickles started as a Stock and Station agent in Moree, NSW in 1964 by founder Peter Pickles. In 1973 Peter Pickles and his wife relocated to Sydney to conduct antique, fine arts and damaged vehicle auctions. In 1977 an auction facility was established at Islington, Newcastle and in 1988 Pickles acquired their first business: Crealys Auction. Over the next few years, Pickles grew quickly and acquired Airport Auctions in Sydney in 1995 and new locations were opened all over the country.
In 1996 was launched and 1998 saw another three locations opened. In 1999 Peter Pickles son, Tim Pickles was appointed Managing Director after first starting as floor staff booking in cars. Pickles also acquired DASFLEET (Commonwealth Government) auction business in South Australia, Simshauser Auctions in Brisbane and developed and launched a state-of-the-art auction system.
In 2000, we launched PAIRS, Pickles Advanced Information Reporting System which is a data-rich site to help our team value vehicles. We also updated and relaunched, and data interface technology with vendors was implemented. Fixed price selling was also introduced. Just two years later, we launched remote bidding and in 2003 launched our Online Absentee Bidding System for trade buyers in Sydney and Brisbane.
In 2004 our innovative Pickles Live system was launched and by 2009 over 1000,000 vehicles had been sold via this method. New branches across Australia have been opened every year and today there are over 22 branches nationwide. In 2014, Bruce Maclennan was appointed CEO and in 2015 Pickles Live app was launched.
Despite the tremendous growth, it is still a privately-held Australian business which employs over 900 staff in a variety of roles.

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