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Not sure when the right time is to replace your tyres? We have the low-down for you.

Transport for NSW recommends tyres to be replaced before the tread depth falls to 1.5mm. Most tyres have tread depth indicators as a guide - the little square that sits in the tyre's groove - and when this marking is flush with the tread, the tyres need to be replaced.

How old is too old?

Transport for NSW recommends changing tyres at the five-year mark due to the rubber potentially deteriorating. Check your tyre for date markings.

Uneven wear

Regularly check the tyre pressure as too little or too much air will cause the tyre to wear down unevenly.  Bald spots may indicate a wheel balance is needed to avoid excessive loading to the car's wheel bearings and suspension.

Wheel alignment

A wheel alignment is done to correct the angle of the wheels to the axle and steering components. This will help avoid steering problems and uneven tyre wear. Get your mechanic to properly align the wheels every year, or sooner if you can feel vibrations through the steering wheel.

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