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The future of ex-government zero emissions vehicles at Pickles

In early 2022, the Victorian Government announced a Zero Emissions Vehicle Roadmap, which committed to replacing a portion of the government fleet with zero emissions vehicles (ZEVs). Closely linked to the Climate Change Strategy and the interim greenhouse gas emissions targets, it’s a big step in the right direction as we move towards a greener future.

As VicFleet de-fleets their used ZEVs, EVs and hybrids over the coming years, Pickles will take charge of selling the assets through our weekly ex-government and council vehicle sales. Pickles sells government vehicles throughout Australia, so we expect to sell a very high portion of ex-government EVs as they build towards their zero emissions targets. This makes Pickles the most exciting resource for buyers interested in retaining a quality used ZEV in the near future.

What are ex-gov cars?

An ex-government vehicle is an asset that has been used in a workplace capacity by government staff. These cars have previously been purchased by the government, and then leased by employees of the public sector. These fleets are meticulously maintained for staff members, and at the end of their lease, they are resold at a Pickles auction at the closest branch facility.

Why are electric cars so popular?

As VicFleet begins to circulate their used EVs & ZEVs in the market over the next few years, it’s likely that these assets will be snapped up when they become available. Pickles frequently interacts with used car buyers, and recent data indicates that there is a surplus of people very keen to purchase an electric vehicle, but often unable to source a suitable asset that meets their individual needs.

This is because electric vehicles are still in their infancy in the Australian market. As of 2022, it’s estimated that only 1.57% of the light vehicles in Australia are electric models. This leaves the second-hand market short of accessible vehicles. With global production and delivery delays affecting access to new ZEVs and EVs, popular cars are being quickly sold in the used marketplace.

Why transition to electric?

As Australia begins the transition towards reducing emissions, ZEVs and EVs will likely become a default choice over standard petrol vehicles. To assist in the transition towards ZEVs, state governments are offering a range of incentives to those buying electric vehicles, helping instigate the change needed for a smart economic choice in future.

Unfortunately, while a large portion of the following incentives are only applicable to the purchase of new cars, you can still benefit from a few of the state government incentives when buying a used EV, ZEV or hybrid car from Pickles: 

  • The first 20,000 EVs or FCEVs sold priced under $68,740 will receive a $3,000 subsidy (applies to new cars only)

  • Reduced stamp duty rates (applies to new and used cars)

  • Annual registration discount of $100 (applies to new and used cars)

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New South Wales

  • The first 25,000 EVs or FCEVs sold priced under $68,750 will receive a $3,000 rebate (applies to new cars only)

  • Stamp duty waivers on EVs and FCEVs under $78,000 (applies to new and used cars)

  • T2 and T3 transit lane access across NSW for EV drivers (applies to new and used cars)

  • Registration discounts (applies to new and used cars)

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Western Australia

  • 10 percent on-demand transport levy exemption (applies to new and used cars)

  • The first 10,000 Western Australians to buy an EV or FCEV under $70,000 will receive a $3,500 rebate (applies to new cars only)

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  • The first 15,000 BEVs as of July 1, 2022 will receive a $3,000 rebate (applies to new cars only)

  • Low car rego for BEVs - $263 a year  (applies to new and used cars)

  • Lower stamp duty rates than ICE cars (applies to new and used cars)

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Australian Capital Territory

  • Two years’ free rego for BEVs and FCEVs (applies to new and used cars)

  • Older model EVs eligible for 20 percent off rego fees (applies to used cars)

  • Stamp duty waiver on vehicles first time purchase (applies to new cars only)

  • Drivers can access up to $15,000 in interest-free loans to assist in the upfront cost of electric vehicles up to $77,565 (applies to new and used cars)

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Northern Territory

  • Cheaper rego and stamp duty for BEVs and PHEVs from July 2022 (applies to new and used cars)

  • Discounts for 5+ years (applies to new and used cars)

  • Home, workplace and public EV charger grants (applies to new and used cars)

  • Opportunities offered to develop charger technology and infrastructure (applies to new and used cars)

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  • Two years free stamp duty for new and used EVs  (applies to new cars only)

  • Two years free rego on EVs bought by rental companies and coach operators (applies to new and used cars)

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South Australia

  • $3,000 subsidy for the first 7,000 vehicles bought under the value of $68,750

  • Three years free rego (applies to new cars only)

  • Up tp $2,000 subsidy to install EV infrastructure for the first 7,500 households (applies to new and used cars)

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Ready to invest in an electric vehicle?

There has never been a better time to invest in an electric vehicle. As state governments begin to defleet their quality used EVs, ZEVs and hybrid vehicles, purchasing one of these cars becomes a longterm and economic investment. If you’re looking for a used electric car, then Pickles’ weekly ex-government used car auctions will be the perfect tool.

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