Pickles is the official auctioneer for the Victorian Government in Melbourne

Up to 130 vehicles are listed every week

Find a wide range of SUVs, passenger and light commercial vehicles with full service and maintenance history at Pickles Sunshine. 

All VicFleet vehicles are available to buy at our weekly auction, which is held every Tuesday at 10am. Visit Friday, Saturday and Monday or morning of the auction to inspect vehicles. Following the VicFleet vehicle auction are a large range of quality local Government, other Government Agencies, Not-for-Profit and Department of Defence vehicles. 

Participate in the auction in person at our undercover facility in Sunshine or in real-time through PicklesLIVE via desktop or our convenient app from anywhere in Australia. Download PicklesLIVE from the App Store or Google Play today.

Buying at auction is easy and will save you thousands. 

VicRoads Agent 

For buyers’ convenience, Pickles is an authorised VicRoads Agent and licensed vehicle tester and can undertake a Roadworthy Inspection on your behalf including enabling all registration transactions at our Sunshine facility. Our staff can assist you when paying your deposit of purchase. 

Tuesday Auction at 10:00am AEDT

View vehicles Saturday and Monday prior to and morning of auction.

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Pickles Sunshine, VIC

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What we do at Sunshine:
  • Motor vehicles, including:
    - Government, fleet and repossessed car auctions
    - Luxury, prestige and classic car auctions
    - PicklesGO (fixed price)


  • Vic Fleet & Government

Darren Eales (Account Manager)
Phone: 03 9009 3133
Mobile: 0466 773 077
E-mail: darren.eales@pickles.com.au

Cameron Bowler (Account Coordinator)
Phone 03 9009 3140
Mobile: 0420 973 218
E-mail: Cameron.bowler@pickles.com.au

Vanessa McCarthy (Account Coordinator)
Phone 03 9009 3155
Mobile: 0466 796 257
E-mail: vanessa.mccarthy@pickles.com.au

  • Fleet 

Shannon King (Account Manager)
Phone: 03 9009 3144
Mobile:  0423 784 308
E-mail : shannon.king@pickles.com.au
Anthony Prattico (Account Manager)
Phone: 03 9009 3145
Mobile: 0490 425 558
E-mail : anthony.prattico@pickles.com.au

  • General Motor Vehicles:

Alexander Silver (Account Manager)
Mobile:  0478 493 819
E-mail: alexander.silver@pickles.com.au

Bradly Zammit (Account Coordinator)
Phone: 03 9009 3138
Mobile:  0407 517 040
E-mail: bradly.zammit@pickles.com.au

  • Manufacturers, Prestige & Luxury

Jesse Mengotti (Manager Manufacturer & Prestige)
Mobile: 0447 482 130
E-mail: jesse.mengotti@pickles.com.au

Gareth Keys (Account Manager)
Phone: 03 9009 3143
Mobile: 0434 600 748
E-mail: gareth.keys@pickles.com.au

Chris Mora (Account Coordinator)
Phone: 03 9009 3178
Mobile: 0466 796 374
E-mail: chris.mora@pickles.com.au

Grant McIlveny (Account Admin)
Phone: 03 9009 3157
Mobile: 0447 324 149
E-mail: grant.mcilvena@pickles.com.au

Karen Camilleri (Account Manager)
Mobile: 0447 324 149
E-mail: karen.camilleri@pickles.com.au

Amy Williams (Account Coordinator)
Mobile: 0447 674 684
E-mail: amy.williams@pickles.com.au

  • PicklesGO (fixed price)

David Abas
Phone: 03 9009 3193 
Direct: 03 9009 3166
E-mail: david.abas@pickles.com.au 

Ben Walsh
Phone: 03 9009 3193 
Direct: 03 9009 3169
E-mail: benjamin.walsh@pickles.com.au

  • Finance, Warranty and Insurance

Phone: 03 9009 3193
E-mail: sunshinefpc@pickles.com.au

Jason Stone 
Mobile: 0439 831 914
E-mail: jason.stone@pickles.com.au

  • Managers

Barry Grimwood (Manager - Fixed Price Sales, Finance & Warranties)
Mobile: 0478 306 310 
E-mail barry.grimwood@pickles.com.au
Craig Cameron (Manager – Motor Vehicles)
Mobile: 0436 290 982
E-mail: craig.cameron@pickles.com.au
Simon Stack  (Branch Manager)
Mobile 0410 519 038
E-mail : simon.stack@pickles.com.au

Opening hours: 
Monday - Friday: 8:30am - 5:00pm
Saturday: 9:00am - 4:00pm 
Please note: Vehicles pick-ups on Saturdays are by appointment only

Important WHS notification: Safety is the foundation of all our values and we have a number of processes in place to protect the health and safety of our staff and customers. Refer to our WHS page for our policies, guides and important notifications.