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What to expect at a Luxury Car Auction

Stop dreaming and start preparing -- it's time to get ready to buy the luxury car you deserve. From 6pm on Monday, November 28, you can take part in our luxury vehicle auction in Geebung. 
Here's everything you need to know about preparing for the auction and what to expect when you bid with us on the day.

Research the car you want

The key to getting the most out of a Pickles Auction day is to do your research. Know the market prices of the vehicles you're interested in, read through the details of their condition reports, and be aware of known issues to look out for when inspecting in person. 
Our range of late model prestige, exotic and classic vehicles includes global brands such as: 
* Mercedes Benz
* Audi
* Porsche
* Land Rover
* Lexus
* Jeep
* Peugeot
You can find full details of all the car up for auction, including condition reports, on the Auction Listing.

Inspect your car

We offer two full viewing days to give you the chance to inspect the cars you're interested in: 
* Saturday, 26 November: 9am -- 3pm.
* Monday, 28 November (auction day): 10am -- 6pm, when our auction begins.
Limited space means we can't offer test drives, but you are welcome to look over each car in detail and ask questions about the make, model, expected sale price and history of the vehicles you're interested in. 

Know your budget. 

Make sure you know what your limits are before you take part in the auction. Remember that Pickles Finance can help set up loans and repayment plans, and we can also organise a warranty for extra peace of mind. 

Registering and bidding

Plan to arrive at least 20 minutes before the auction starts as seating inside the auction showroom is limited. To register, line up at reception and fill in a short form. You'll need some form of ID to register -- most people use their Australian drivers licence.
Our friendly staff will be on hand to answer any questions you have about registration.
Once the auction starts, each car will drive by and its details will be displayed on the big screen. As each bid is placed the auctioneer will call out the amount, which will also be displayed on screen.
Remember that many of our participants will be placing bids online. The auctioneer will also call out these bids and the amounts will show up on screen.  
Expect the entire auction process to take a few hours. (Keep in mind that some bidders may arrive later or leave earlier if they are only interested in bidding on one specific vehicle.)

Making your bids

Bidding is as simple as raising your hand and calling out your desired price. If two people end up bidding for the same vehicle, our ushers will assist each of you to make sure you know when the next bid has been placed and help you keep track of the price.
If you make the winning bid, our ushers will organise to take your deposit in one of our offices. We accept deposits by cash or card.

'Referred' bids

If a winning bid falls below a vendor's asking price, our auctioneers will let the bidders know by saying: 'I must refer that bid.' We will then contact the vendor, who will decide if the bid is acceptable to them. 
We won't take your deposit until we make contact with the vendor and a sale price is agreed. If there is an unacceptable delay in contacting the vendor, we will make sure you have the chance to buy another vehicle. 
To find out more about the bidding process, check out our buying at auction FAQs and read our guide to buying online through PicklesLIVE.

Talk to our team

Don't hesitate to contact our friendly team if you have any questions about our vehicles, taking part in the auction or financing your vehicle: 
Just fill out the form here and we'll be in touch shortly!
Start your research today and get ready to bid on your luxury vehicle in Geebung, 6pm AEST, Monday November 28!

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