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Online condition reports and video inspections provide reassurance to Australian luxury car bidders during restricted access to viewings.

The August 2021 Melbourne Luxury Car Auction delivered great results despite the challenges of the ongoing transition of auctions to strictly online only bidding. Prior to the sale, inspections were conducted via video call and customers were provided with detailed online condition reports. Providing this level of reassurance allowed customers to confidently purchase quality used prestige and luxury cars from anywhere in Australia.

This extensive level of promotion and service boosted online participation at auction, with 850 registered bidders. The auction delivered an 80% clearance rate, proving that Australia’s appetite for prestige and luxury vehicles hasn’t been hindered by restricted access to pre-sale viewing.

The boom in luxury car sales in FY21 has been largely unsurprising as used car sales continue to accelerate across the country. With international delays in production of new cars, used vehicles have quickly become the easiest and most accessible way to get onto the road. Buyers of all levels seem to be participating in this boom, as passenger, luxury and classic vehicle sales all continue to gain bidders.

Some of the highlights of the auction include dropping the hammer on every one of the first seventeen vehicles offered. The stars of the show, a 2018 Rolls-Royce Wraith Black Badge Edition sold for $500,000 while a 2020 Porsche 911 Carrera sold for $265,000 only just short of its recommended new retail price. While this level of interest may come as a surprise during a turbulent Australian economy, the enthusiasm for high-end vehicles has only become stronger in light of automotive manufacturers coming up short of new car supplies.

The auction finished strong with total gross sales of around $5M making the sale one of the best performing public auctions of all time for Pickles Melbourne. This achievement was anticipated by Pickles agents, who had seen the weekly prestige auctions generating around $1M in gross sales in the month prior to the quarterly event.

The Melbourne Luxury Car Auction was considered a confirmation that moving further into a digital first business continues to be the right move for Pickles. This migration to prioritising online business practises is expected to help navigate a post-COVID-19 Australia. Pickles is developing its digital offering to solidify its position as Australia’s most thriving online marketplace.

Already interest is gathering for the next Melbourne Luxury Car Auction event which will take place in October. For eager luxury bidders, the allure of the exclusive vehicles on offer isn’t diminished by rain, hail or pandemic.

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