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Check out Australia’s 10 favourite cars in September 2022

Each month the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries releases a report detailing the top-selling vehicles across Australia. Pickles’ monthly vehicle report presents the top 10 vehicles from this list and recounts industry news and trends as they affect the Australian market.

Market snapshot

September 2022 was a month of strong sales results for new electric vehicle orders across Australia. There were 7,247 electric vehicles sold in September, and while the overall market share remains low at 2.7%, there is a growing trend of emissions-focused consumers. This is an unsurprising swing given government movements towards implementing new strategies and legislation that encourage buyers towards EV or hybrid cars.

The consumer shift towards EVs is being followed by institutions across Australia, with Bank Australia announcing in September that it will cease bank loans after 2025 for any new vehicles, while still offering financing for EVs, hybrids and used cars. While the movement towards electric is clear, many industry bodies have noted that government strategies must be realistic in future policy making, wherein the expense and availability of EVs in the Australian marketplace has made obtaining assets difficult for everyday Australian buyers.

While there was a definite jump in EV sales during September, numbers were also strong among new orders of fuel-run vehicles. Just shy of 94,000 new cars were ordered in September, showing a 12.3% increase in sales compared to the same month in 2021. As manufacturers begin to roll out the huge backlog of car orders resulting from supply chain issues, the industry still remains slow to recover from pandemic-related production issues.

As consumers carry on navigating a changing marketplace, Pickles continues to uphold data-led pricing to enable access to quality, accurately-priced vehicles across Australia.

Most Popular Vehicles | September 2022

1. Toyota Hilux - Up 42.2% YoY

The Toyota Hilux was once again the most purchased car model in Australia for the month. The Australian favourite sold over 5,000 units in September, up 42.2% compared to the same month in 2021.

2. Ford Ranger - Up 16.7% YoY

Placing second again was the Ford Ranger, with just shy of 5,000 units purchased in September. The Ford Ranger is well-known for its work horse features while maintaining a stylish exterior. With a range of variations available on Ford’s famous model, Pickles sales typically feature Rangers with various features and accessories to suit every need.

3. Tesla Model Y - N/A

In a month of extremely strong EV sales, it’s no surprise that the Tesla Model Y jumped quickly to the top of the best-selling list for September. Teslas don’t last long once they’re received by Pickles, so it’s crucial to keep up-to-date with sales in order to get your hands on a used model.

4. Mazda CX-5 - Up 72.4% YoY

The stylish and compact Mazda CX-5 is one of Australia’s most popular mid-sized vehicles. The SUV is a Japanese-made model and is popular due mostly to its affordability in comparison to its competitors. Because the CX-5 has been on the Australian market for a few years, there are many used models available.

5. Mitsubishi Triton - Up 310% YoY

With just over 2,000 units sold in September, the Mitsubishi Triton is a staple Japanese vehicle on the Australian market. The Triton is a powerhouse machine that features accessories that allow comfort and safety, such as an electrochromatic rearview mirror, bull bars, sports bars and Smartphone Link Display Audio (SDA).

6. Mitsubishi Outlander - Up 80.2% YoY

After leaping back onto the best-selling list in September with just shy of 2,000 units sold, the Outlander had an 80.2% growth compared to the same month in 2021. As a staple of the Australian car market, buyers are lucky to have access to a wide variety of used models featured in Pickles’ sales.

7. Toyota RAV4 - Down 45.3% YoY

After taking a dip of 45.3% over September, under 2,000 RAV4 units were sold across Australia for the month. Given the RAV4 is always in high demand, keeping up-to-date with Pickles’ sales is the best way to purchase a quality used model.

8. Isuzu UTE D-MAX - Up 5.0% YoY

The D-MAX is a popular car choice for buyers who need the practicality of a work vehicle along with the versatility of a family car. The Isuzu Ute D-MAX sold under 2,000 units in September, and is proving to be a go-to vehicle for ute owners.

9. Kia Sportage - Up 217% YoY

After a huge YoY increase of 217% compared to September 2021, the Kia Sportage crept back into the top-selling list for the month. The Sportage is popular choice for families who live creature comforts, and buyers seeking a car versatile enough to move between city and country easily.

10. Hyundai i30 - Down 14.8% YoY

The Hyundai i30 is one of Australia’s most favoured compact vehicles and is consistently a top choice for buyers looking for a compact hatchback or sedan. Just over 1,700 i30 units sold in September, with more available via Pickles sales.

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