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Sydney T&C

Other Important Information

Written off Vehicles
Under no circumstances, will Pickles Auctions accept vehicles that have been previously written off or water affected. A WOVR search and Revs check will be conducted on every vehicle onsite.
Roadworthy Certificate 

When selling vehicles in NSW a Pink or Blue Slip is required to show both the current roadworthiness of your vehicle and to give to our potential buyers confidence that the vehicles is fit for registration purposes.

Pink Slip (for registered vehicles)
If you wish to sell your vehicle with registration you must supply a "current pink slip" obtained during the last 28 days and valid on the day of sale. If you have registered the vehicle in the last 28 days then a pink slip is not required.

Blue Slip (for unregistered vehicles)
Your unregistered vehicle must be auctioned with a current blue slip.

Title (Proof of Purchase)
It is mandatory for you to prove you are the owner of the vehicle.

Registration papers are not sufficient and do not substitute for title information. Confirming title is checking the history of the vehicle to satisfy our requirements of representing the vehicle in an ethical manner.

If your vehicle was purchased privately, the following requirements apply:

  • A receipt with all relevant details of the purchase.
  • Name, address and telephone numbers of the seller and purchase date.
  • If your vehicle was purchased from a motor dealer or auction house (excluding damaged vehicles) a copy of the original invoice must also be supplied.

Imported Vehicles
The Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) of NSW have very stringent policies on imported vehicles. If your vehicle has a low volume compliance plate or personal import tag attached then we are advised by the RTA automotive engineers that documentation should always remain with the vehicle. Therefore, we request that you supply copies of the following documentation:

  • Import documents
  • Engineers report (detailing all modifications)
  • Import approval
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