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Learn How to Buy Online via Pickles Live

Pickles Live is a powerful online auction service that lets anyone join a physical auction in real time over the internet.

If you are unable to attend an Auction in person Pickles Live allows you to participate online, anywhere in Australia. Hear the auctioneer’s voice, see images of the vehicles and participate in all the bidding action with a click of a button.

View the Pickles Live FAQs

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Buy Live Online in 6 Easy Steps:  

Search for an item online via Pickles Live Motor Vehicles, Salvage Vehicles, Trucks & Machinery or General Goods.  

2. Inspect

Check the condition report or come onsite to physically inspect the item. Check the Auction Details for inspection days and times.

View Branch Locations  

3. Download

To participate in a Pickles Live online auction you can simply download the App on your Android or Apple device or use the Windows Launcher software.

Pickles Live Apple App:
Download the Apple App from the AppStore

Pickles Live Android App:
Download the Android App from GooglePlay

Pickles Live Windows Launcher:
Download from here.

Pickles Live Mac:
Download from here.

For more information view the System Requirements.

4. Register

Prior to registering to participate in a Pickles Live auction as either a buyer or as an observer, make sure you have activated your My Pickles account. Once you receive your Pickles Live auction confirmation e-mail from us, you can then start to bid. 

For each Pickles Live auction you must re-register as a buyer or an observer using the same My Pickles account.  

For a step by step process, click here for more information. 

5. Bid

Wait for your lot to come up then click the ‘Bid’ button, continue to bid until you have reached your budget. Keep an eye on the next lot coming up by scrolling ahead.  

6. Purchase

If you’ve won the item, listen for your bidder number and you’ll also receive a confirmation email.

A deposit will be automatically taken from your verified credit card or organise full payment online. Alternatively the branch will contact you to organise it for you. Once the full amount has been paid you can pick up your item.

7. Pick-Up

Bring identification and the invoice to pick up the item, contact the branch for more information on pick up times and dates.

It's that simple!

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