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Vehicle Remarketing - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes. Pickles Auctions holds a credit licence - number 388884 - and is also a member of the Credit Ombudsman Service - membership number M0005303.

Yes. Pickles Finance is now available from all of our sites around Australia. At Pickles, not only can we arrange your car loan for you, but we also help you with competitive insurance and a warranty for your vehicle.

Yes. Pickles Finance has negotiated special rate plans with major banks and finance companies for Pickles customers. This allows us to deliver bank rate finance or better.

Simply fill in our car finance enquiry or truck finance enquiry form.  It's simple and only takes a few minutes to complete!

Alternatively, if you don't like filling out forms, contact or visit one of our on-site offices. Our offices are conveniently located near the main entry to the auction room and are open everyday, including the day of the auction and vehicle inspection days.

No. Providing you can supply Pickles with an invoice or payout advice from your financier which includes their bank details and the GST inclusive purchase price, Pickles can make direct payment to them for the value of your Residual Value on your behalf.

Yes. Pickles Finance can pre-approve your loan for the amount you wish to borrow. This increases your confidence to bid at auction because you have the buying power.

Yes. Pickles Finance can include the additional cost of insurance in your contract so you don't have to pay cash. A Pickles Finance representative can talk to you about the various options currently available in the marketplace and help you make your decision about the right type of insurance for your car and loan. We can assist with comprehensive insurance, vehicle warranties, and loan payment protection, among other products.

Yes. Once approved by Pickles Finance, you will be issued with a Pre-approval Certificate which is for a specific value and valid for 60 days.

Approval at Pickles Finance is fast. Once you've decided to purchase your car at Pickles, why wait longer than necessary for a bank to tell you whether they'll lend you the money? That's why at Pickles Finance you get an approval within the same day, sometimes within an hour!

By using Pickles Finance, once you've signed the necessary paperwork, you can drive away in your new car. There's no need to organise a bank cheque because Pickles Finance will issue you with a Release Form that entitles you to automatically pick up your vehicle.